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Advanced Gastroenterology Associates, LLC, conducts research in selected areas of concern to our patients. Our team participates in research for 2 reasons:

  1. To stay ahead of the latest G.I. treatments by participating in the development and delivery of care. We estimate that we can be 5 years ahead of current methods.
  2. Provide a way to help less fortunate patients who may not be able to afford state of the art G.I. medical treatments.

We conduct our research studies at our Palm Harbor facility. Volunteering to be in a research trial will assist in the development of new medical therapies that may offer better treatments and even cures for life threatening and chronic diseases. Our research trials are regulated by the federal governement and also reviewed by independent ethics committees.

To be considered as a participant into a research study, a signed Informed Consent must be obtained prior to any study related procedures being completed. An Informed Consent will help a study participant understand the purpose, procedures, potential risks and benefits of their involvement, along with alternative treatment if applicable. Participating in a research study is voluntary.

Key points about our research:

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