Advanced Gastroenterology

Patient Info

Patient Form

Please print out and complete these forms prior to your visit. Please make sure you bring these forms, insurance cards, Driver’s license and current medications with you to your appointment.

Office Policies

  • Appointments ~ Please call the office location you wish to visit to schedule appointments; our office will schedule same day appointments, when possible and necessary.
  • On-Call & After Hours Care ~ Our Doctors support each other’s patients during after hours, weekends and vacations. Notes regarding on-call care will be exchanged with the Physician you normally see, so that you may follow up with your Doctor.
  • Prescriptions ~ We will do our best to refill Prescriptions within 24 business hours. New Prescriptions may take up to 48 hours. Our office handles all pharmacy requests, including mail order pharmacies and insurance override issues.
  • Test Results ~ Our office calls patients as soon as possible if abnormal results. If normal results, all test results will be discussed at next visit.
  • Filing of Insurance Claims and paperwork will be handled by our office.
  • Procedures ~ Instructions and Preparations. We tailor these to the individual patient’s need; (e.g., certain medications may need to be stopped). Instructions are reviewed with the patient during the office visit and written instructions are given at that time to all patients.
  • Referral Process ~ Our office manages the referrals process for all patients — new as well as ongoing appointments and procedures. It is the ultimate responsibility of the patient to make sure referrals from their Primary Care Physicians have been obtained.
  • Primary Care Physician will receive office notes regarding your care with us.

Accepted Insurances

And many more – If your plan is not listed, please call to ask if your insurance plan is accepted

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