Advanced Gastroenterology Associates, LLC

About Advanced Gastroenterology Associates, LLC

Our G.I. Doctors ~

  • Five G.I. Physicians
  • All Doctors are Board Certified
  • G.I. Experience in all forms of Gastrointestinal and Heppatic deseases
  • One female G.I. Physician, as preferred by many women patients
  • One G.I. Physician Osteopathic Specialized

Our Practice ~

  • Ages 18+ (rare cases 16 yrs+) treated
  • Three County coverage -- Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando Counties
  • Nine Hospital and Procedure Locations for your convenience
  • State of Art Procedures and Technology
  • Tailored procedure preparation for each patient
  • Pathology Lab in office for ~
    • Quicker Results
    • View slides directly by G.I. Physician, if necessary (especially cancers)
    • Improved quality of care
  • Clinical Research Trials for ~
    • Gastrointestinal Diseases
    • Provide affordable care
  • Education focused patient care

Our Office ~

  • EMR (Electronic Medical Record) connects us for informational coverage
  • Same Day Appointments
  • 24 x 7 On Call; G.I. Practice Doctors respond and provide continuity to your G.I. Doctor for
    next visit
  • Process for Referrals ~
    • Non HMO patients call and make direct appointment
    • Primary Care Doc refers to G.I.
    • Call G.I. -- get same day appointment, if possible.
    • Most calls returned within 24 business hours; Quick, responsive.
    • Urgent calls returned same day.
    • Referral & Insurance paperwork handled by Our Office.
    • Our Office sends notes back to PCP (Primary Care Physician).
“Providing Leading Edge Care ~
With Compassion”
  Palm Harbor Office ~ 727-786-0017
        Dr. J. Taunk, M.D.
Dr. S. Amin, D.O.
Dr. M. Onea, M.D.
Dr. K. Humphreys, M.D.
      Dunedin Satellite Office ~
(Rings to Palm Harbor Office)
  Hudson Office ~ 727-862-9436
  Hudson Office ~ 727-863-2105
        Dr. T. Reddy, M.D.    
      Spring Hill Satellite Office ~
(Rings to Dr. Reddy’s Hudson Office)
  * call 911 in case of emergency

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